Six-time Off-Road Champion

Bryce Menzies grew up racing dirt bikes as a hobby. He won his second ever off-road race—in a Single Buggy built by a friend—and that’s when he figured out he had racing in his blood. He went from Single Buggy to a Pro Lite, gained sponsors and grew Menzies Motorsports into what it is today. Menzies is one of off-road racing’s brightest young stars, having taken victories at such prestigious events as the Baja 500 and Mint 400. Menzies made his Global Rallycross debut for Pastrana Racing in 2012 and also competed in the 2012 and 2013 X Games. In 2015, Menzies made the switch to Pennzoil® Synthetics – going on to earn the title of Red Bull Frozen Rush Champion and followed up with another Frozen Rush win in 2016.

Currently, Bryce is a team owner and driver at Menzies Motorsports. He competes in endurance off-road racing events like the Baja 1000 with a 900 horsepower Trophy Truck. Between long-distance off-road events, Bryce is a force in short-course racing, with three TORC Pro-2 championships and countless Lucas Oil Off-Road series wins since 2011.

We caught up with Bryce Menzies at the Menzies Motorsports headquarters outside of Las Vegas, Nevada to learn more about his passion for driving, racing, and much more. Pennzoil is the Official Supplier of Lubricants and Motor Oil to Bryce Menzies and Menzies Motorsports.

Bryce Menzies 2017 Schedule
Race                                                  Date


Short Course

LOORRS Lake Elsinore                    3/24 – 3/25

LOORRS Chandler, AZ                     4/22 – 4/23

LOORRS Estero Beach, Mexico     5/20 – 5/21

Crandon Short Course Race            9/2 – 9/4

LOORRS Chandler, AZ                    10/21–10/22



BITD Bluewater Parker                       2/2 – 2/5

Mint 400                                               3/2 – 3/5

SCORE San Felipe 250                     3/30 – 4/2

SCORE International Baja 500          6/1 – 6/5

BITD “Vegas to Reno”                      8/16 – 8/19

SCORE International Baja 1000   11/14 – 11/18



Dakar                                                    1/2 – 1/4 

Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge            4/1 – 4/7

Silk Way                                                7/8 – 7/22

Baja Poland                                       8/24 – 8/27

Rallye Du Maroc                                10/1 – 10/7

Bryce Menzies New Frontier

Bryce Menzies is now the world record holder for the longest truck jump in history – 379.4 feet, as validated by Guinness World Records. For perspective, the length of the jump is longer than the height of the Statue of Liberty, or the length of a professional football field.

Bryce’s dedicated team put in tons of prep work to ensure that he was fully comfortable at lift off, as he pushed the boundaries of performance. Extensive work and modifications to the engine and body were required to get Menzies’ Pro 2 Truck airborne. Pro 2 Trucks are ideal for off road racing. 379.4 foot jumps – not so much.

“These things are originally meant for smaller jumps and door to door racing, not to fly through the air,” explained Team Manager and Co-Driver Pete Mortenson. “It started with the engine,” recounted Kevin Kroyer of Kroyer Racing Engines when describing the modifications that went into making Menzies’s truck ready for the jump. But one thing that didn’t have to change was the oil used in the Pro-2’s engine. Menzies Motorsports relies on Pennzoil Platinum® Euro with PurePlus® Technology 5W-40 in all their off-road races and it was also the choice motor oil coursing through the engine during Bryce’s world record breaking feat.

That being said, even the best laid plans can go awry and there were some unexpected obstacles. In the end, it’s Bryce Menzies and his enormous talent behind the wheel that is the true hero – we’re content with side-kick status.

This jump signifies Bryce Menzies launching his career to the international circuit. While no one can know for sure what challenges that may bring, one thing is for certain:

If there are any 300+ feet jumps in the way, Bryce will soar.

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