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Car Filters

Car Filters

Pennzoil® Oil Filters

Pennzoil® oil filters help remove damaging dirt and grit from oil, enabling it to clean, cool, seal and lubricate the engine more effectively.

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Air Filters

Pennzoil® Air Filters

Pennzoil® air filters are designed to remove dust and dirt from the intake system before they can reach the engine.

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Pennzoil Platinum HE Oil Filter

Pennzoil® Platinum HE Oil Filters

Pennzoil Platinum HE oil filters offer the consumer greater cleaning ability and holding capacity than economy oil filters.

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Performax Filters

Performax™ Filters

Its not just another filter line Performax™ was researched, designed, and developed, for the installer market. As a result, Performax™ provides the benefits that are critically important to the installer.

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