Pennzoil® Platinum HE Oil Filters

Pennzoil Platinum HE oil filters are engineered with an exclusive synthetic-blended 2-ply gradient density filter
media designed to remove 99%1 of engine oil impurities while trapping on average over 10 grams of contaminants
based on industry tests1.

That’s an average 15% greater cleaning ability and over 3 times the dirt holding capacity of economy oil filters.

Product Technical benefits:

  • Silicone anti-drain back valve lasts up to 2X longer than conventional nitrile valve to protect against dry starts
  • Keeps oil cleaner than standard oil filters for superior engine protection
  • PTFE impregnated NBR sealing gasket for ease of installation and removal
  • Steel spiral-wound center tube and end caps provide increased internal strength and durability compared to
    cardboard and plastic components
  • Meets or exceeds proposed industry specifications1 for capacity and efficiency

1 Based on ISO 4849-12 test procedures.