There’s nothing like the freedom of jumping in a car and going for a drive. Every car-loving one of us understands that. And no one knows the true meaning of that freedom more than those who have lost it. Our goal in partnering with the Paralyzed Veterans of America Mission: ABLE program is to help the people who have defended our freedom regain their freedom of movement, and give a little back to American service men and women who have given so much. Getting these heroes back on the road isn’t just the right thing to do; it’s a salute to freedom itself.

Watch “Getting Our Freedom Back”

Feel the emotion as three paralyzed American veterans are presented with brand-new vehicles at the November 2012 Phoenix NASCAR Cup race. The vehicles, retrofitted by the PVA, have been specially equipped just for them. Hear how the vehicles will change their lives and allow them to go places and do things they haven’t been able to do in years.

Ron Courteau’s Story, “It Started As A Game”

As a kid, he and his family played the “car game.” From there, cars became a lifelong passion. Hear Ron talk about what he loves about the cars of the ’50s and ’60s.

Jason Morgan’s Story, “Falling for NASCAR”

Performing maneuvers for the crowd at his first NASCAR event, Jason took the leap—he jumped out of a helicopter and fell in love with racing.

Lonn Cunningham’s Story, “Fixing Cars, Making Memories”

No better place for car love to start than in grandpa’s garage. While they wrenched, Lonn was getting more than an innate ability to fix pretty much any car—he was building memories for life.

Their Victory Lane

The heartwarming unveiling of the custom vehicles retrofitted for the three winners of the nationwide contest sponsored by Pennzoil and the PVA Mission: ABLE program.

Their Victory Lane

#1 Fan Meets #1 Driver

Jason Morgan, sitting beside his brand-new retrofitted Ram pickup, meets one of his NASCAR heroes, 2012 Sprint Cup Champion Brad Keselowski.

Their Victory Lane


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