JUNE 2, 2015
774 horsepower Hennessey Mustang tested to 207.9 mph.

On Wednesday, May 27, 2015, Hennessey Performance made another entry into the record books as the first 2015 Ford Mustang to break the 200 mph mark. You may recall that in 2014, Hennessey broke the Production Vehicle Land Speed record in his Venom GT.

With the performance that Pennzoil® Platinum 5W-30 full synthetic motor oil provides, the 2015 Hennessey Performance Supercharged Ford Mustang GT reached 207.9 mph while blazing around the 8.5 mile oval at Continental Tire Proving Grounds in Uvalde, Texas.

“If at first you don’t succeed, just add more horsepower and rpm and try again,” said company founder and president, John Hennessey.

We couldn’t agree more.

With 774 horsepower and 648 pounds of torque, the 2015 HPE750 Supercharged Ford Mustang GT’s 6-speed transmission can launch to 60 mph at 3.4 seconds. There’s a boatload of add-ons available for this beast too, including a 5.0L V8 engine upgrade that includes everything from a 2.9L Supercharger System and to embroidered headreasts and everything in between.

For just under $70,000, you can’t get much more power, performance, and hair-raising speed.

207.9 mph Hennessey Mustang

PENNZOIL Transcript—United States/Latest/Jun 2, 2015: Hennessey Sets Speed Record


[Title] 207.9 mph Hennessey Mustang


Description: Hennessey Performance breaks the Mustang speed record


[Background sound] The sound of an engine in the distance


[In vision]


Flat countryside, a few trees, an empty stretch of road




Continental Tire Proving Grounds


Uvalde, Texas


[Background sound] The engine noise becomes louder, almost sounding like a jet engine


[In vision]


From the left side of the screen, a yellow Mustang shoots past the camera position and in an instant has disappeared down the road.




[Hennessey logo]


[Background music] Gentle piano


[In vision]


Close-up of the yellow Mustang.




2015 HPE750 Mustang


High Speed Testing


[In vision]


In the garage at the testing grounds, a man begins to speak on-camera.






HPE Shop Manager


Paul: [Joking dryly] We have some guy named…oh, what’s his name…Jay Leno? Yeah, that’s it. It’s Jay Leno. He’s kind of a car guy, you know. But he’s here with the show, and we’re gonna bust 200 miles an hour today.


[In vision]


Off in the distance, Jay Leno steps out of the yellow Mustang.


[In vision]


A coworker walks toward Paul. They bump fists.


Coworker: Shake and bake.


Paul: Shake and bake. Going 200.


[In vision]


The Mustang pulls away from the garage. An unseen technician speaks to the driver, Brian Smith, as he moves toward the track.


Technician: All right, Brian. You’re clear. Have a safe run. See ya in a bit.


[In vision]


Inside the car, Brian Smith in his Hennessey/Pennzoil suit, ready to go. He starts to move through the gears. The vehicle moves down the road, away from the camera. Suddenly, a helicopter appears overhead and begins to follow the car. Engine now roaring, the car moves quickly past the camera’s view. Cut to the driver’s POV. Close-up of the Mustang-branded steering wheel, the dash. The car trembles as its speed increases. In the lower right of the screen, the view from a second camera, mounted on the dash and pointed toward the road ahead. Superimposed on that is a VBOX display of the mph as it climbs, a G-meter gauge next to it. As Brian hits 207, he begins to slow the vehicle.


Cut to a track camera as the car races toward it, then away down the road. Brian speaks into a handheld.


Brian: That’s 207.9 on the GPS display?


Technician: That is correct. 207.9.


Brian: [inaudible as music begins]


[Background music] Dramatic music swells and then drops back down to gentle piano


[In vision]


With the flag of Texas fluttering out the driver’s window, the Mustang moves down the track on a victory lap. An overhead shot of the car driving toward and then under the helicopter camera.




For the full story tune into


Jay Leno’s Garage


Coming on CNBC soon!


[In vision]


Still image of the RACELOGIC display on the dash, “207.9” in large numbers. Picture of the Mustang on the track. Shot of John Hennessey, Brian Smith, and the rest of the Hennessey team next to the car.




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Ford Motor Company






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