JULY 30, 2015    
Watch Joey Logano perform 4,680° of tire-burning donuts in one minute.

Joey burned through three sets of tires while filming the stunt for Pennzoil and AutoZone.

What do you get when you combine one of NASCAR’s brightest young stars, an empty canvas, a load of fresh tires, and a handful of GoPros?

Joey Logano, wheelman for the No. 22 Shell-Pennzoil Ford Fusion, performing as many donuts as possible in 60 seconds. In a one minute period, Logano was able to spin off 13 complete donuts across a 32 foot by 32 foot piece of blank canvas, with each pass of burning rubber leaving its mark.

Watch the video below to see the action for yourself.

One Minute of Donuts with Joey Logano

PENNZOIL Transcript—United States/Latest/Jul 30, 2015: Joey Logano Paints His Masterpiece


[Title] One Minute of Donuts with Joey Logano


Description: Joey Logano demonstrates 4,680° of donuts in one minute.


[Background sound] A mix of engine sounds and “electric” sounds


[In vision]


Joey Logano’s yellow Ford Fusion race car burns rubber as it slowly moves past an AutoZone trailer.


[Animated super]




[In vision]


Joey Logano puts on his race suit.


[Animated super]




[Animated super]




[In vision]


The camera spins around Joey as he looks at his helmet. Slow, dramatic scene of him as he leaves the garage and heads toward the race car. He stands next to the car and looks at a giant white square on the asphalt.


[Animated super]






[In vision]


Joey climbs into the front seat and puts his helmet on. He starts the engine, and we see the tachometer rev up to 9000/10000/11000 rpm. The car slowly moves toward the white square.


[Background music] Fast-paced drums


[In vision]


As it enters the square, Joey begins doing donuts, instantly leaving burnt rubber and tire marks all over the white square. Close-ups and slo-mos of the car spinning. Chunks of rubber flying, smoke pouring from the wheel wells. Then, a tight shot of the car’s hood, the PENNZOIL logo proudly displayed across the entire surface.


Overhead shots of the car as it spins, showing perfect circles. Then, the interior camera shows a bird’s-eye view of Joey as the car rotates. As Joey makes his final spins, the overhead shot shows dozens of burnt-rubber rings. Joey drives off the square and out of camera range. Music ends.






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We didn’t stop there.

Every artist signs their work. So naturally, Joey did too. We even gave some of those autographed pieces away to fans on Twitter.