When the temperature drops, it will try to drag your vehicle’s performance down with it. Slick roads, heavy snow storms and icy conditions can hijack control of your vehicle. Next level performance this season can be hard to come by. 

Unless you come ready.

Performance in the cold is all about preparation. When the weather gets unpredictable, you need to equip yourself with the tools and skills to prevent from getting stopped in your tracks.


Here’s 5 tips to help power you through winter:


Maintain control

No matter condition of the roads, your priority is to ensure that every movement of your vehicle is still under your command. Taking off a few MPHs when accelerating allows your vehicle to gain more traction and avoid skidding. Taking that extra second or two to slow down for stoplights could mean the difference between stopping on a dime and skidding through a traffic stop.


Be hyper aware of your surroundings

Driving in unforgiving conditions can be unpredictable. Constant vigilance is a requirement when you get behind the wheel. Keep your eyes sharp and maintain a larger following distance than you would on a dry and sunny day (the one’s you probably dream about on those frigid mornings).


Check your tire pressure

When the temperature drops, so does your tire pressure. This can make driving through the snow even more challenging. Always maintain your tires at their recommended levels and be sure to check the pressure on days when the icy chill dips even lower. They may have lost pressure overnight.


Watch those hills

Driving up an icy hill can be a harrowing task. You don’t want to rely solely on accelerating to complete your ascent – you’ll just lose traction. Instead, slowly build your speed prior to the hill and maintain your inertia to power you up. When descending, carefully reduce your speed and continue down as slow as possible.

oil pour

Change your oil

The right oil makes all the difference in frigid temps. Freezing conditions can leave your engine in need of a jump – and you left waiting in the cold. Luckily, our base oil doesn't "gel" in extreme low temperatures. That means your engine can still pump oil – even on days when you can't feel your toes.