"This thing is built for one thing ... to break records."

-Rhys Millen, Precision Driver

Flashback to the late 1980’s where Dodge unveiled a concept car at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. In a climate shifting towards convenience and practicality, Dodge doubled down on performance – and the public responded with near universal adoration.

So began the lineage of an American icon, The Viper.

Fast-forward 25 years, the Dodge Viper ACR represents the company’s passion for raw power and peerless performance manifested on four wheels. As the final iteration of an iconic line, it cemented the Viper’s legendary status with 14 road course lap records*– more than any other production vehicle before it.

Every Dodge Viper comes factory filled with Pennzoil® Ultra Platinum™ with Technology. As the Venom in every Viper, we considered it a personal mission to give this emblem of horsepower the send-off it deserves. 

We took The Last Viper to Miami, FL., the unofficial land of supercars, to assert its dominance on the road one last time for a farewell thrill-ride. With Pennzoil Synthetics coursing through its veins, we let the roar of the largest and most powerful naturally aspirated engine on the road have the final say.

Because there’s only one way to say goodbye to a legend: Putting on a performance for the ages.

"This is more than a car, it's a symbol of performance."

*Certified by the Sports Car Club of America


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