Attending the SEMA Show is every gearhead’s dream, so Pennzoil is here to take you on a behind-the-scenes experience for the industry-only trade show. The “Dare to Perform” experience in the Pennzoil booth showcased state-of-the-art vehicles, new motor oil technology, and special guests from the different facets of the automotive industry.

Some of the 13 showstopping vehicles that were spotted at the Pennzoil booth included:

  • The Hennessey Performance Venom F5 Coupe, a road car with a 6.6-liter twin-turbocharged V8 Engine filled with Pennzoil 10W-60 Full Synthetic motor oil, designed to attempt the world’s fastest production car record. 
  • The iconic Pennzoil Yellow Submarine, which Pennzoil and Shell have tested the racetrack limits with Team Penske for decades, including powering the “Yellow Submarine” through historic victories at the Indianapolis 500. 
  • Chelsea DeNofa’s Ford Mustang Formula Drift Car has 1,111 horsepower, more than 8,500rpm and more than 75-degrees of steering angle. The RTR Spec 5-FD rides on the fine line of chaos and coordination while driving sideways at speeds of over 100mph and inches from competitors. Pennzoil Synthetics keeps the Ford Performance/Roush Yates RY45 455 CID V8 revving to the moon lap after lap. 
  • Rod Millen’s Toyota Tacoma from Pike’s Peak. This 1000-horsepower, 1998 Toyota Tacoma battled up the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains. The Tacoma boasts an amid-mounted 2.1-litre, turbocharged, four-cylinder engine that can go from 0-100 in two seconds and is powered by Pennzoil Platinum Euro 5W-40 Full Synthetic motor oil
  • Federico Sceriffo’s Ferrari Formula Drift car, aka ‘Fiorella’, powered by Pennzoil Platinum Racing 10W-60 Full Synthetic motor oil.
  • Expedition Overland’s (XO) Toyota Tacoma aka ‘Raven’. The ‘Raven’ is the ‘ninja’ of the XO team. Equipped with a REDARC RedVision Total Vehicle Management System, a Goose Gears Tacoma Seat Delete Plate System, a DECKED Drawer System and topped with a Go Fast Camper, ‘Raven’ is built like a Swiss Army knife capable of doing whatever is needed. 
  • Johnny Grunwald’s 1994 Pennzoil Mazda RX7. The 20B Bridgeport Rotary Engine is powered by Pennzoil Platinum Racing 10W--60 Full Synthetic motor oil, PZ37 Oil Filter, and Gearplus 80W90.

Booth visitors were able to get up close and personal with Pennzoil scientists, industry personalities, professional drivers, and automotive builders such as John Hennessey, Austin Cindric, Vaughn Gitten Jr., Chelsea DeNofa, Adam LZ, Larry ChenRhys Millen, and many other content creators.

“We got coffee, we got cars, it’s going down!” said Estevan Caballero a YouTuber and TikToker who was on-site at the booth to see the sites and meet fans.

“I think this is the best and most diverse booth at SEMA this year,” said Aamir Dassat who was reporting live from the booth all week to show his fans the Dare to Perform experience.

In the spirit of “Dare to Perform”, Pennzoil premiered a new line of products at the SEMA Show for trailblazers everywhere, Pennzoil Outdoors. The new line of small engine oils is designed for the vehicles of outdoor enthusiasts. The new portfolio includes engine oils formulated for outdoor recreation vehicles in North America including ATVs/UTVs, watercrafts, motorcycles, and snowmobiles.

The products give outdoor enthusiasts the power and protection their engines need, and the premium product they know and love from using Pennzoil in their passenger cars and trucks.

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[Written] Pennzoil Outdoors A new lineup of engine oils designed for outdoor performance.
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[Written] Get out there Pennzoil Outdoors
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[In vision] 4 different bottles of Pennzoil each for different type of vehicle

Pennzoil has been attending the SEMA Show for almost two decades, year after year bringing the biggest names in the industry together with the latest technology and vehicles. With each year comes more breakthroughs and inspires everyone to keep daring.