2022 brought Pennzoil another exhilarating season in motorsports, with the help of teams and drivers across different divisions including NASCAR, INDYCAR, Formula 1, and Formula Drift. Pennzoil works closely with its motorsport partners to make sure their vehicles are the top-performing in their respective series. With the success that Pennzoil has generated through its involvement in motorsports over the years, they are continuing to take the knowledge from the track to develop products for the road.

This year Pennzoil hosted the 5th annual Pennzoil 400 presented by Jiffy Lube at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, expanded their collaboration with INDYCAR, and much more! Keep reading to check out how Pennzoil powered these athletes to the finish line.



This year commemorated the 75th anniversary of Ferrari and Pennzoil is a proud partner and collaborator of its Formula 1 team, Scuderia Ferrari.

In 2022, Charles Leclerc took home the title at the Bahrain Grand Prix, Australian Grand Prix, and Austrian Grand Prix. His teammate Carlos Sainz won his first-ever F1 race at the 2022 British Grand Prix.

Pennzoil also put the teammates and friends to the test by playing a game of “Trust or Dare” to see just how much they trust each other both on and off the track.

PENNZOIL Transcript—United States/Latest/Canadian-Grand-Prix


Description: Trust… or Dare? Scuderia Ferrari's Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc prove how much they trust Pennzoil and each other…maybe #TrustOrDare #TheProofIsInThePennzoil

[Background sound] Guitar

[Montage of images from the shoot]

[Written: Trust or Dare]

[Written: Carlos Sainz]

[Written: Charles LeCcerq]

[Pennzoil logo with Trust or Dare written underneath]

[In vision]

[Carlos] So as you can imagine, Pennzoil is the only motor oil I trust in my Ferrari

[Carlos] In that spirit, Pennzoil has asked us to put our trust to the test with a game of Trust or Dare

Are you ready?

[Charles] I am more than ready, Carlos

[Screen] Trust

Would you trust me to take over your social media?

[Carlos’s voice] Would you trust me to take over your social media for the day?

[In Vision]

[Charles] OH! I wouldn’t trust you but I would let you do it, because it would be funny. Now that I said that I wouldn’t want for you to do it.

[Carlos] Okay We can switch I give you mine you give me yours.

[Charles] Okay for one day, yeah.

[Screen] Trust

Who do you trust more?

[Charles’ voice] Who do you trust more? Pennzoil or Me?

[In Vision]

[Carlos] It’s a difficult question. What should I answer?

[Charles Laughing]

[Carlos] Well given this is an activity by Pennzoil I would say Pennzoil.

[Charles] Either you lose a partner or you lose a teammate. Choose.

[Both Laughing]

[Carlos] I mean I think Pennzoil is 100% reliable. You..

[Charles] Oh my god.

[Carlos] 100 percent reliable.

[Charles] I’m taking it personal Carlos

[Carlos] okay, sorry

[Both Laughing]

[Screen] Dare

Sing a song

[Carlos’s voice] Sing a Song…

[Charles’ voice] No.

[In vision]

[Carlos] ..of my choice. La Macarena.

[Charles singing] Heyyy Macarena (bumbles lyrics)

[Carlos] Come on try

[Charles] I don’t know the..

[Carlos] Dale a tu cuerpo alegría Macarena

[Charles] Dale a tu cuerpo alegría Macarena Heyyy Macarena.

[Carlos] Ahhaa!

[Charles] Ahhaa!

[Both Laughing]

[Charles] I like that. Ahhaa!

[Screen] Dare

Read the last text you sent.

[Charles’ voice] Read out loud the last text you sent.

[In vision]

[Carlos] “No. Todo Bien.”

[Charles] That is a very boring text. I expect something crispy.

[Carlos] I am super boring. I’m like ok. Cheers, thank you. Bye. Like I hate texting so I am like super direct.

[Screen] Dare

Say my surname backwards

[Carlos’ voice] Say my surname backwards.

[In vision]

[Charles] Sainz, Sainz, Zniaz

[Screen] Trust

Would you trust me to plan your next vacation?

[Charles’ voice] Would you trust me to plan your next vacation?

[In vision]

[Carlos] Yes. I like your taste.

[Charles] Yep.

[Carlos] So if you were a good guide you would plan it nicely.

[Charles] I will send you in the worst place ever.

[Screen] Trust

Would you trust me to pick out your clothes?

[Carlos’ voice] Would you trust me to pick out your clothes for the day?

[In vision]

[Charles] I don’t know. I don’t know. Because if you are serious about it. Then yes.

[Carlos] I might improve your taste.

[Screen] Trust

Would you trust me to create your playlist?

[Charles’ voice] Would you trust me to create your pre race playlist?

[In vision]

[Carlos] I feel like you could put some classic music on to relax me.

[Charles] It will probably make you fall asleep sleep before the start of the race.

[Carlos] Perfect. It’s exactly what I don’t need. So I know I cannot trust you.

[Screen] Trust

Would you trust me to answer your call at 3AM?

[Carlos’ voice] If you call me at 3:00 am Do you trust that I would answer?

[In vision]

[Charles] No I don’t trust 100% that you will wake up.

[Carlos] Not good. If you call me at 3:00 am, it’s like you are in trouble.

[Charles] Yeah, it must be important.

[Screen] Trust

Would you trust me to give you a new nickname?

[Charles’ voice] Would you trust me to give you a new nickname?

[In vision]

[Carlos] I have plenty of nicknames. But if you want me to have another one. Only for you. Teammate exclusivity. I will give you one.

[Charles] Wait, I haven’t thought about that question so please say no

[Both Laughing]

[Carlos] Okay, then I don’t trust you.

[Charles] Good.

[Screen] Dare

Draw the Pennzoil logo from memory.

[Carlos’ voice] Draw the Pennzoil Logo from memory.

[In vision]

[Charles] I like this game

[Carlos] Look. Charles.

[Charles Laughing]

[Charles] Leave me alone! I’m an artist.

[Carlos] Why are you starting from the middle?

[Charles] That’s what artists do.

[Charles] OH! I forgot about the circle. I did put too much of a circle. But..

[Carlos] That’s actually a pretty good job.

[Charles] It is an incredible job, Carlos.

[Carlos] So let me say..

[Charles] Don’t underestimate me

[Carlos] ..Bravo.

[Charles] Thank you. Beautiful French.

[Screen] Dare

Draw the Shell logo from memory.

[Charles’] Draw the Shell Logo.

[In vision]

[Charles] You’ve got one minute, not fifteen.

[Carlos] Mate!

[Screen] 30 Minutes Later

[Background sound] Sound of a clock ticking

[In Vision]

[Both Laughing]

[Charles] You are so slow! That is very bad. Shell is not going to be happy.

[Carlos] Hey, don’t put me on even more pressure, okay?

[Charles] I want to take my design.

[Carlos] It’s pretty good.

[Charles] I feel bad.

[Carlos] Why?

[Charles] I thought my one was amazing.

[Charles] But to be honest I had the most difficult one and you took half an hour.

[Charles] I’m still proud of myself. It’s okay

[Carlos] You’re always proud of yourself.

[Carlos] Mate – incredible.

[Charles] It is beautiful

[Charles] That is it then. We are done with this challenge

[Charles] and what I will never forget is that you trust Pennzoil more than me. And this, I took it personal.

[Carlos] Pennzoil is a science. You are a human being. I don’t know if I can trust you. You have feelings, you have uh humor you have. You know what I mean.

[Charles] Alright Let’s stop it here. Because the video is going to be half an hour.

[Carlos] No they, they cut it.


Joey Logano, driver of the No. 22 Shell Pennzoil Ford Mustang, brought his hashtag #The22in22 to life by claiming the title of NASCAR Series Cup Champion for the second time in his career! Throughout the season he dominated the track and secured wins at The Clash, Darlington, Gateway, and Las Vegas races and scored eleven top 5 and seventeen top 10 finishes. Logano also extended his Team Penske contract this year; the long-term contract extension will keep him in the No. 22 car for years to come. Pennzoil is proud to deliver top engine performance to such an elite competitor.

Austin Cindric, the driver of the No. 2 Ford Mustang, kicked off his first full-time NASCAR Cup Series season driving for Team Penske with a historic win at the Daytona 500! Cindric also earned the Rookie of the Year award to top off an impressive season.

Following suit with Team Penske’s wins, Ryan Blaney, driver of the No. 12 Ford Mustang placed first at the NASCAR All-Star Race at Texas Motor Speedway in May. Blaney also made the post-season playoffs, scoring twelve top 5s and seventeen top 10 finishes.

With competitive and strategic driving all season, all three Team Penske drivers made it into the NASCAR Cup Series Playoffs, a true testament to the team’s winning legacy. Pennzoil serves as the "Official Supplier of Lubricants" for Team Penske. 


In 2022, Pennzoil extended its sponsorship as the Official Motor Oil and Lubricant Supplier of Indianapolis Motor Speedway (IMS), INDYCAR, and the powering all cars in the NTT INDYCAR SERIES. This builds on a longtime business relationship and technical alliance, now powering all INDYCAR engines with their carbon-neutral motor oil.

Leading up to the Indianapolis 500, Pennzoil, Penske Entertainment, and Team Penske debuted a documentary about the motorsports industry’s most exclusive club; INDYCAR drivers who have each won the Indianapolis 500 four times. THE CLUB provided an intimate, on-camera conversation with A.J. Foyt, Al Unser Sr., Rick Mears, and Helio Castroneves who have each won the series four times.

Scott McLaughlin, who joined Team Penske’s INDYCAR driver roster in 2021 and pilots the iconic “Yellow Submarine” for the INDY 500, celebrated his first career win in February at the Firestone Grand Prix in St. Petersburg, FL. McLaughlin also won at the 2022 Honda 200 in Mid-Ohio and then finished off the season with a win at the Portland Grand Prix. He rounded out the season with three wins, seven podiums, and ranked 4th overall for the series.

Will Power from Team Penske took home the INDYCAR NTT SERIES 2022 Championship. Power’s consistency and strong performance each weekend this year earned him the points to come out on top. This year’s INDYCAR season was one for the history books, with all three Team Penske drivers placing in the top four.

Will Power secured the championship title, followed closely by Josef Newgarden ranking 2nd and Scott McLaughlin ranking in 4th place.

Team Penske is the first team in history to hold both the NTT INDYCAR Series and NASCAR Championship titles, with Will Power leading the INDYCAR series in the first-place spot, and Joey Logano leading in the first-place spot in the NASCAR series.


Chelsea DeNofa, member of Team RTR and self-proclaimed Professional Fun-Havers team also celebrated with a victory at Formula Drift Seattle in August. After taking home the victory at this race in 2021, he managed to take it back-to-back with another win this year. He finished the season in fourth place overall.

DeNofa’s teammate, Adam LZ, who was signed to the team in 2022 ended his rookie season with a top 4 finish at the last Formula Drift round in Irwindale, CA. He has also previously been awarded Fan Favorite Driver in the Formula Drift series.

Federico Sceriffo, a pioneer in the drifting world as one of the first Italian drift drivers, was recruited to join Team Pennzoil this year. He races for FFF Drifting Department.


This year, Pikes Peak International Hill Climb (PPIHC) celebrated its 100th anniversary. To celebrate the anniversary, Pennzoil brought together the top two PPHIC competitors, father and son duo, Rod Millen and Rhys Millen, to go head-to-head in the hill climb competition.

Rhys Millen won his class and finished 6th overall, with his father following closely behind, placing 3rd in his class and 8th overall.

This race marked Rhys Millen’s 27th run and at age 71, Rod’s exit from retirement.

Pennzoil sponsored motorsports certainly had a thrilling year! The brand is proud to provide the necessary power, protection and performance needed by some of motorsports most winning teams and cannot wait for what is to come in 2023!