Ahead of the 2022 Pennzoil® 400 presented by Jiffy Lube, TikTok star, @itsDanielMac ran into Team Penske driver, Joey Logano in Las Vegas and asked his iconic question, “What do you do for a living?”.

Watch Joey’s reaction and get a behind-the-scenes look at Las Vegas Motor Speedway from Daniel Mac’s perspective:

Daniel Mac


[Title] Getting invited to the Pennzoil 400

Description: Invited to my very first NASCAR race by Joey Logano! Team Penske flexing that Pennzoil power at Las Vegas Motor Speedway #pennzoil400 #theproofisinthepennzoil #pennzoilpartner

[Background sound] Cash register sound


Shelby GT 500


[In vision]

Daniel Mac follows Joey Logano to a black Shelby GT 500 parked outside a hotel.

Daniel: Hey, excuse me man!

[In vision]

Joey turns around.

Daniel: Hey, your car’s awesome. What do you do for a living? Sorry, didn’t mean to run up on ya. [laughs]

Joey: NASCAR driver for Pennzoil.

Daniel: NASCAR driver!?

Joey: Yeah.

Daniel: Nah, I’m kidding. I know exactly who you are. Joey Logano, right?

Joey: [Laughs] Yeah.

Daniel: That’s insane.

Joey: Wait, wait you’re Daniel Mac from Tik Tok right?

Daniel: Yes, yes!

Joey: No kidding! Hey!

Daniel: That’s awesome man! What are you doing at Resorts World?

Joey: The Pennzoil 400’s tomorrow here in Vegas.

Daniel: Oh what?!

Joey: Yeah.

Daniel: I didn’t even know, that’s crazy.

Joey: Have you been to a race before?

Daniel: No, never a NASCAR!

Joey: Want to go to one?

Daniel: I’m down! Wait, for real?

Joey: Well yeah, hit me up Instagram and I’ll get you some tickets and we’ll show you around.

Daniel: Really?!

Joey: Yeah, it will be great!

Daniel: Awesome, man! Yeah, I’ll definitely do that. That’s awesome!

Joey: Alright, sounds good. We’ll see you there.

Daniel: Nice to meet you man! Shake and bake, baby!

Joey: [Laughs] Yeah.

Daniel: I’m like, “Yeah you’ve never heard that one before.” [Laughs] I’m sorry, I apologize. See ya!

[Background music plays] Upbeat techno music

[In vision]

The scene cuts to a video of Joey Logano in a Pennzoil fire suit giving a thumbs up to the camera. Quick scenes from the Pennzoil 400 at Las Vegas Motor Speedway flash the screen, including Daniel walking into the track, the #22 Pennzoil car driving on the track, Daniel walking the red carpet and confetti filling the air.

All Team Penske drivers had the cutting-edge technology and power of Pennzoil Synthetics running through their engine as the green flag waved to at the start of the Pennzoil 400. Pennzoil works hand-in-hand with Team Penske to develop and test premium motor oil formulations. Pennzoil takes pride in the performance of the first synthetic motor oil made with natural gas which helps get Team Penske drivers through demanding race conditions, and consumers to their destination, without compromise.