No matter the outdoor adventure you seek, Pennzoil Outdoors wants in. These custom lubricants are designed for performance and aim to enhance your outdoor experience by helping protect your motorized vehicle.

At the 2022 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, Pennzoil introduced a new line of engine oils crafted for outdoor enthusiasts and their recreational vehicles. The Pennzoil Outdoor portfolio includes three specialized engine oils designed for specific outdoor vehicles: ATVs/UTVs, watercraft, and snowmobiles.

The products showcased at the SEMA Show’s New Products Showcase and in the showstopping Pennzoil booth ignited a sense of anticipation and exhilaration, generating buzz for the moment when this lineup would find its way into the engines of outdoor vehicles.

Beginning in 2023, the ATV/UTV, marine, and snowmobile engine oils will be available both online and in-store at select retail locations across the United States.

The current full synthetic portfolio from Pennzoil for passenger cars are carefully crafted to help protect vehicles against challenging environments and rugged terrain. For Pennzoil Outdoors, Pennzoil developed a distinct engine oil formulation tailored for smaller engines. Leveraging the advanced technology already utilized in passenger car lubricants, Pennzoil is extending premium protection to help outdoor recreation vehicles as well.

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Remember always to follow local laws and regulations, respect wildlife and natural habitats, and prioritize safety during your outdoor activities. Pennzoil Outdoors aims to be your trusted companion for a seamless and enjoyable outdoor adventure, helping you make lasting memories while exploring the great outdoors.

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