1Based on Sequence IVA wear test and Sequence VG sludge test using SAE 5W-30. Does not apply to Pennzoil Platinum® Euro motor oils.

How Does Pennzoil® Motor Oil Protect My Engine?

By cleaning your engine:

Pennzoil® motor oils don’t just help prevent sludge, they’re designed to clear away sludge, dirt, debris and deposits from engine components and prevent blockages of important oil pathways. The oil locks up the dirt, rendering it harmless until it is removed at the next oil change.

By reducing friction and minimizing wear:

Pennzoil® motor oils form a protective film over engine components and have special antiwear additives to help prevent wear.

By removing heat:

Pennzoil® motor oils carry heat from areas such as around the piston rings where temperatures can top 600oF, helping to protect critical parts from intense heat.

By preventing corrosion and rust:

Pennzoil® motor oils protect hardworking engine components from the oxidation, rust, and corrosion that can occur between oil changes. Our field test data shows that Pennzoil® motor oil stands up to extreme conditions and helps protect engines from in environments ranging from the searing desert heat and to harsh cold winter driving conditions.