Pennzoil Platinum® CVT-2 is a full synthetic continuously variable transmission fluid designed to meet JATCO and Nissan FF and SF specifications, as well as a variety of other manufacturers using Push Belt CVTs. It offers excellent thermal and oxidative stability, low-temperature fluidity, shear stability, and high wear protection1. It also features the highest production quality control system in place to ensure the most consistent product possible.

CVT fluid must be very shear stable and help prevent slipping of the belt. This requires a very stable fluid-to-oxidation and mechanical breakdown. The metal belt must transfer power between the variable geometry pulleys so good traction is required yet the fluid must protect the gears from wear. Pennzoil Platinum® CVT-2 is excellent for service fill of belt CVTs including those in Chrysler (CVTF Green 1V), Suzuki, Mercedes 236.20, Mini EZL 799, GM/Saturen DEX-CVT®, and Mitsubishi CVTF-J1.

1 ISOT oxidation stability to JIS K 2514 demonstrates minimal viscosity increase (volatility and oxidative polymerization), maintenance of base number with minimal acid number increase, and no sludge generation.