Pennzoil® ATF Type F automatic transmission fluid is specially formulated to meet the lubrication requirements of specific automatic transmission units, power steering systems, and hydraulic systems requiring a non-friction modified type fluid. It is formulated to help in the following areas: reduce clutch and brake fluid slippage, show high-oxidation resistance, provide excellent shear stability, and enforce dependable anti-wear and gear protection.

This mineral oil ATF has a high friction coefficient for rapid clutch engagement and is formulated for the Ford M2C-33F, 33G applications1. This is largely pre-1980 Ford transmissions along with a number of specialty applications including power steering systems and hydraulic systems.

The scope of the ESW-M2C33 specifications is “defined by this specification is automatic transmission fluid composed of mineral oil and additives which are selected to modify base mineral oil friction characteristics as little as possible. Friction modifiers are prohibited.” No friction modification results in a higher friction coefficient and less slip of clutch surfaces.