Pennzoil Information Program for Professionals

You know a lot already, but you can always learn more. This program will help you better understand motor oil and separate the facts from the myths. It will also help you be able to better provide in-depth information about Pennzoil® products to your customers, so when the time comes, you can recommend the right one. Maybe it's the same full synthetic they use straight from the bottle in Penske Indy cars, Pennzoil Ultra Platinum. That's the same kind they can buy from you. That's pretty cool.

Our Objectives:

  • Describe the primary function of motor oil
  • Explain the benefits of changing motor oil regularly
  • Explain the consequences of not changing motor oil regularly
  • Describe the differences between conventional and synthetic motor oils
  • Review the Pennzoil® products available
  • Help you answer questions and/or concerns about motor oil
  • Use the OILs model to recommend the appropriate motor oil to customers