If you are an automotive technician who provides oil-change services, you can improve your customer loyalty and increase revenue potential by recommending the right products for your customers. A knowledgeable workforce can lead to higher customer trust and retention. Shell Lubricants Instant Expert® is here to help you:

  • Expand Your Knowledge: Stay informed with the latest lubricant technology and product knowledge
  • Build Customer Confidence: build customer trust, loyalty and empower customers to make the right decision with your thorough product knowledge
  • Opportunity To Boost Sales: Quickly identify customer’s needs and improve sales success with confident recommendations
Be an Oil Expert


Welcome to Motor Oil Fundamentals. In this course, you will explore motor oil – what it is, what it does, and the differences that set oils apart.

Motor oil is the lifeblood of an engine. You need to understand the fundamentals of motor oils so that you can answer your customer’s questions and give informed advice.


Be an Oil Expert


Welcome to Know Your Oils. At Shell, we know that, when it comes to recommending the right motor oil, your expertise makes all the difference. Your customers trust you to make the right choice and look to you as someone who really knows and understands oil.

In this information program, you’ll learn all about our wide range of motor oils and have the chance to test just how much you know.


Be an Oil Expert


Welcome to Practice Recommending! To make suitable recommendations to your customers, you need to:

  • Know which product is right for their vehicle
  • Be able to explain the product benefits
  • Answer any questions that they might have 

This activity gives you the opportunity to practice these skills.



If you are a car enthusiast who is eager to learn about Motor Oil fundamentals, Shell Lubricants Instant Expert® can give you in depth knowledge of:

  • What motor oil does and why your car needs the right product.
  • How to pick the right motor oil.
  • Benefits of changing motor oil regularly.
  • Pennzoil products that are available to you.

Shell Lubricants Instant Expert Introduction



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introducing Shell lubricants instant expert


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a new e-learning platform from the global technology experts at Shell lubricants


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whether you are a professional or an enthusiast


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Shell lubricants instant expert is here to keep you up to speed with today's most important topics in the motor oil and lubricants industry across the U.S. and Canada


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you'll find that Shell lubricants instant expert is easy to use and available on your computer smartphone or tablet


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It is filled with engaging and interactive topics and resources that will support you to develop both your expertise as well as soft skills so that you can give the best possible help and advice


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to your customers and become a trusted consultant


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you'll also find out more about our Innovative lubricants products from Pennzoil


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Quaker State


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and Shell Rotella


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finally you'll discover exactly why Shell remains the leading Global supplier finished lubricant year after year


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so what are you waiting for?


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visit shell lubricants instant expert today


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*The Shell Lubricants Instant Expert Program (“Program”) is open to all users in the United States and Canada. This Program is not accredited or certified, and is intended only to promote general knowledge of the Motor Oil products produced and distributed by SOPUS Products. This Program may be amended at any time, in whole or in part, in the sole discretion of SOPUS Products.

Sponsor: Pennzoil Quaker State Company d/b/a SOPUS Products.