The past year saw some amazing feats of performance both on and off the racetrack that were all powered by Pennzoil®. Buckle up as we roar through the best of the best of 2017.


Saying Goodbye to an Icon

For 25 years, the Dodge Viper ruled the road as the premier American super car. In 2017, when Dodge decided to end production on this classic, Pennzoil gave it a sendoff worthy of its legacy. With Pennzoil® Synthetics as the Venom in every Viper, we used every bit of its 645hp to blast through the streets of Miami in one final curtain call. The Last Viper was the 6th installment in the Pennzoil Films series and put the spotlight on the performance of this American legend.

Pennzoil Gets Fiery with the Demon

The Dodge Demon with Pennzoil Ultra Platinum™ Full Synthetic in its engine is a beast. Power, acceleration and torque give it the fire and brimstone necessary to get off the line faster than anything you've seen before. Because this car was made to be street legal while maintaining the spirit of the strip, the only way to show what it can really do was to unleash it on the streets of the Steel City. So that's exactly what we did in Exorcising The Demon by pushing it beyond its drag racing roots and testing the limits of what the Demon can do.

Josef Newgarden Crowned Champion

In Josef Newgarden’s first season racing for team Penske, he exceeded even the loftiest expectations. It only took 3 races for him to win his first race of the year. 2017 would see him win 4 races total and take home the IndyCar Championship in style by wearing a bowtie at the race in Sonoma. The very same Pennzoil® Full Synthetic motor oil that powered him to victory on the IndyCar circuit is available in the store to power your own vehicle on the road.

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