In the spirit of the trust Pennzoil has cultivated over the years with Scuderia Ferrari drivers, teammates, and friends Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz play a game of “Trust or Dare” to see just how much they trust each other both on and off the track.

PENNZOIL Transcript—United States/Latest/Canadian-Grand-Prix


Description: Trust… or Dare? Scuderia Ferrari's Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc prove how much they trust Pennzoil and each other…maybe #TrustOrDare #TheProofIsInThePennzoil

[Background sound] Guitar

[Montage of images from the shoot]

[Written: Trust or Dare]

[Written: Carlos Sainz]

[Written: Charles LeCcerq]

[Pennzoil logo with Trust or Dare written underneath]

[In vision]

[Carlos] So as you can imagine, Pennzoil is the only motor oil I trust in my Ferrari

[Carlos] In that spirit, Pennzoil has asked us to put our trust to the test with a game of Trust or Dare

Are you ready?

[Charles] I am more than ready, Carlos

[Screen] Trust

Would you trust me to take over your social media?

[Carlos’s voice] Would you trust me to take over your social media for the day?

[In Vision]

[Charles] OH! I wouldn’t trust you but I would let you do it, because it would be funny. Now that I said that I wouldn’t want for you to do it.

[Carlos] Okay We can switch I give you mine you give me yours.

[Charles] Okay for one day, yeah.

[Screen] Trust

Who do you trust more?

[Charles’ voice] Who do you trust more? Pennzoil or Me?

[In Vision]

[Carlos] It’s a difficult question. What should I answer?

[Charles Laughing]

[Carlos] Well given this is an activity by Pennzoil I would say Pennzoil.

[Charles] Either you lose a partner or you lose a teammate. Choose.

[Both Laughing]

[Carlos] I mean I think Pennzoil is 100% reliable. You..

[Charles] Oh my god.

[Carlos] 100 percent reliable.

[Charles] I’m taking it personal Carlos

[Carlos] okay, sorry

[Both Laughing]

[Screen] Dare

Sing a song

[Carlos’s voice] Sing a Song…

[Charles’ voice] No.

[In vision]

[Carlos] ..of my choice. La Macarena.

[Charles singing] Heyyy Macarena (bumbles lyrics)

[Carlos] Come on try

[Charles] I don’t know the..

[Carlos] Dale a tu cuerpo alegría Macarena

[Charles] Dale a tu cuerpo alegría Macarena Heyyy Macarena.

[Carlos] Ahhaa!

[Charles] Ahhaa!

[Both Laughing]

[Charles] I like that. Ahhaa!

[Screen] Dare

Read the last text you sent.

[Charles’ voice] Read out loud the last text you sent.

[In vision]

[Carlos] “No. Todo Bien.”

[Charles] That is a very boring text. I expect something crispy.

[Carlos] I am super boring. I’m like ok. Cheers, thank you. Bye. Like I hate texting so I am like super direct.

[Screen] Dare

Say my surname backwards

[Carlos’ voice] Say my surname backwards.

[In vision]

[Charles] Sainz, Sainz, Zniaz

[Screen] Trust

Would you trust me to plan your next vacation?

[Charles’ voice] Would you trust me to plan your next vacation?

[In vision]

[Carlos] Yes. I like your taste.

[Charles] Yep.

[Carlos] So if you were a good guide you would plan it nicely.

[Charles] I will send you in the worst place ever.

[Screen] Trust

Would you trust me to pick out your clothes?

[Carlos’ voice] Would you trust me to pick out your clothes for the day?

[In vision]

[Charles] I don’t know. I don’t know. Because if you are serious about it. Then yes.

[Carlos] I might improve your taste.

[Screen] Trust

Would you trust me to create your playlist?

[Charles’ voice] Would you trust me to create your pre race playlist?

[In vision]

[Carlos] I feel like you could put some classic music on to relax me.

[Charles] It will probably make you fall asleep sleep before the start of the race.

[Carlos] Perfect. It’s exactly what I don’t need. So I know I cannot trust you.

[Screen] Trust

Would you trust me to answer your call at 3AM?

[Carlos’ voice] If you call me at 3:00 am Do you trust that I would answer?

[In vision]

[Charles] No I don’t trust 100% that you will wake up.

[Carlos] Not good. If you call me at 3:00 am, it’s like you are in trouble.

[Charles] Yeah, it must be important.

[Screen] Trust

Would you trust me to give you a new nickname?

[Charles’ voice] Would you trust me to give you a new nickname?

[In vision]

[Carlos] I have plenty of nicknames. But if you want me to have another one. Only for you. Teammate exclusivity. I will give you one.

[Charles] Wait, I haven’t thought about that question so please say no

[Both Laughing]

[Carlos] Okay, then I don’t trust you.

[Charles] Good.

[Screen] Dare

Draw the Pennzoil logo from memory.

[Carlos’ voice] Draw the Pennzoil Logo from memory.

[In vision]

[Charles] I like this game

[Carlos] Look. Charles.

[Charles Laughing]

[Charles] Leave me alone! I’m an artist.

[Carlos] Why are you starting from the middle?

[Charles] That’s what artists do.

[Charles] OH! I forgot about the circle. I did put too much of a circle. But..

[Carlos] That’s actually a pretty good job.

[Charles] It is an incredible job, Carlos.

[Carlos] So let me say..

[Charles] Don’t underestimate me

[Carlos] ..Bravo.

[Charles] Thank you. Beautiful French.

[Screen] Dare

Draw the Shell logo from memory.

[Charles’] Draw the Shell Logo.

[In vision]

[Charles] You’ve got one minute, not fifteen.

[Carlos] Mate!

[Screen] 30 Minutes Later

[Background sound] Sound of a clock ticking

[In Vision]

[Both Laughing]

[Charles] You are so slow! That is very bad. Shell is not going to be happy.

[Carlos] Hey, don’t put me on even more pressure, okay?

[Charles] I want to take my design.

[Carlos] It’s pretty good.

[Charles] I feel bad.

[Carlos] Why?

[Charles] I thought my one was amazing.

[Charles] But to be honest I had the most difficult one and you took half an hour.

[Charles] I’m still proud of myself. It’s okay

[Carlos] You’re always proud of yourself.

[Carlos] Mate – incredible.

[Charles] It is beautiful

[Charles] That is it then. We are done with this challenge

[Charles] and what I will never forget is that you trust Pennzoil more than me. And this, I took it personal.

[Carlos] Pennzoil is a science. You are a human being. I don’t know if I can trust you. You have feelings, you have uh humor you have. You know what I mean.

[Charles] Alright Let’s stop it here. Because the video is going to be half an hour.

[Carlos] No they, they cut it.

In 2022, Pennzoil is commemorating the 75th anniversary of Ferrari and we are proud to be powering boldness with them. Their high-performance engines utilize a unique blend of Pennzoil Platinum Full Synthetic motor oil, formulated by leveraging trackside performance data. Pennzoil Platinum is the only motor oil used, trusted, and recommended by Scuderia Ferrari.

Pennzoil works closely with Scuderia Ferrari in developing advanced motor oils to meet the grueling demands of F1 engines on the circuits. Driven by innovation, the relationship between Pennzoil and Scuderia Ferrari is one of the industry’s longest and most successful partnerships in history.

Next up, Charles and Carlos will be racing at the Canadian Grand Prix. This highly anticipated race is back for the first time since 2019 and will take place on Sunday, June 19th at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve. Race coverage begins at 2:00PM ET on ESPN (check your local listings).