Estevan Caballero, automotive content creator and expert gearhead knew from a young age that he was destined for the automotive industry. Growing up playing Gran Turismo with his dad and uncle, Estevan's love for cars began when he raced in the virtual Pennzoil livery. This passion, further fueled by the Fast & Furious movies and a fascination with JDM cars such as Skylines and Supras, set him on a path toward a dynamic career in the automotive industry.

Pennzoil stopped by Estevan’s garage to chat about his journey to becoming one of the top content creators for car enthusiasts.

PENNZOIL: When did you start your journey in the automotive industry?

CABALLERO: When I finished college, I secured a job at BMW. While working there, I bought my first car, a BMW 135i, and from there, I became obsessed. In 2020, when everything was paused, I launched my personal “brand” on TikTok and quickly created my very first viral video, which was about my cars. I started from there and have been a creator ever since.

PENNZOIL: Growing up, were there moments when a family member brought you into a garage and taught you the essentials, or were you more self-taught with YouTube?

CABALLERO: My grandpa was a wizard with cars, bringing me into his garage from a young age. He could open a car's hood and, without touching it, tell you what was wrong and how to fix it.

My uncle also had an El Camino that they worked on together, teaching me as they went.

PENNZOIL: Did anyone have a significant role in showing you how to become a content creator, or did you learn as you went?

CABALLERO: In the beginning, it was mostly me trying to figure things out on my own. I believe that I was one of the first car creators, along with a handful of other amazing people, who paved the way for 'Car TikTok.' At the start, we just bounced ideas off each other.

Later, Jonny Grunwald took me under his wing and showed me how to level up my content and make connections in the automotive industry. Learning from someone who has been around for so long and is so successful has been a privilege!

PENNZOIL: What is a typical day in your life?

CABALLERO: The fun part about this job is that every day is different. Typically, I head to Stryker Performance, where my car is being built up to about 1,000 horsepower. It’s very exciting and nearly done!

If I'm not there, I'm working with TunerCult, a company that does giveaways for automotive enthusiasts. I manage their social media and handle the giveaways.

Otherwise, I'm brainstorming and filming content for my channels.

PENNZOIL: Besides Jonny, is there anyone else you’ve looked up to in the industry?

CABALLERO: Ken Block. His cars just spoke to me and always ignited my passion to keep going, build more, and continue to build a community of other enthusiasts. I think people can tell, but I take inspiration in my builds from Ken.

PENNZOIL: What are the projects you're currently working on?

CABALLERO: Right now, I have a 2009 BMW 135i, which has been my main project with Stryker Performance. I also have a 2008 Mazda Miata that we're planning to do an LS swap on, which is exciting. Additionally, I have another project that should be starting soon!

PENNZOIL: Do you have a favorite Pennzoil product?

CABALLERO: Definitely Pennzoil Platinum® Euro Full Synthetic. With the cars I am working on, it is the one I reach for the most. It is also one of the most reliable products I have ever used.

PENNZOIL: What are the essentials you think every car enthusiast should have in their garage?

CABALLERO: For me, it's essential to have plenty of shop rags because they always get dirty, a good supply of 10mm wrenches, and, of course, Pennzoil® Full Synthetic motor oil.

PENNZOIL: Out of all the cars you have seen, driven, or worked on, do you have a favorite?

CABALLERO: I have too many favorite cars to choose from! One of my top favorites is the Ferrari 488 Pista. It's powerful and incredibly fun to drive!

PENNZOIL: As you know, Pennzoil celebrates all types of drivers with its campaign, Long May We Drive. What does Long May We Drive mean to you?

CABALLERO: To me, Long May We Drive is about the passion found behind the wheel and under the hood. Whether racing, taking road trips, or building or maintaining my cars in the garage, it is a way of life!

PENNZOIL: Is there any advice you would give someone looking to pursue content creation in the automotive field?

CABALLERO: When it comes to content creation, the first thing you need to do is start. If you have a phone with a camera, you can get going. Be consistent and passionate about what you talk about, and you'll see progress.

The best way to get involved is by attending events near you. Whether it's motorsports, car shows, or other automotive events, it's a great way to learn and create content. The car community is very supportive and passionate; if you are authentic, you will be welcomed with open arms.

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