Behind the wheel of the No. 22 Ford Mustang for Team Penske, Joey Logano is known for his competitive spirit, determination, and passion for racing. Powered by Pennzoil, his impressive racing resume features two NASCAR Cup Series Championships, 32 NASCAR Cup Series victories, and marquee wins such as the 2015 DAYTONA 500.

With the 2024 Pennzoil 400 presented by Jiffy Lube on the horizon, Joey hops into the driver’s seat for an exclusive conversation with Pennzoil, exploring his origins in motorsports and highlighting his approach for the 2024 season.

PENNZOIL: Can you tell us about your first time behind the wheel?

LOGANO: I was six, driving a go-kart in my parents’ backyard. This was such a fun experience. I looked forward to getting behind the wheel every day!

PENNZOIL: How did you enjoy your downtime during the offseason?

LOGANO: I spent a lot of time with my three kids, created many trails, built a couple of racetracks in the backyard, and rode a lot of four-wheelers.

PENNZOIL: The 2024 season is underway; how are you approaching this year differently?

LOGANO: Heading into 2024, we’re trying to keep things fresh and stay loose throughout the year. While I know the No. 22 team has been together for a long time, we want to continue elevating our performance. I’m confident our Ford Mustangs will be fast this year, so I’m excited about that.

PENNZOIL: You’ve mentioned that you were involved in other sports when you were young, but racing won. If you had to pursue another sport, which would you choose and why?

LOGANO: If I had to choose, hockey would likely be my top pick. I always enjoyed playing it when I was younger because I spent so much time at the ice rink while my sister took skating lessons. It was great because it allowed me to practice hockey, but it’s been a while!

PENNZOIL: NASCAR Cup Series drivers spend much time traveling across the country. After visiting many destinations throughout your career, which one has captivated you enough to consider calling it home someday?

LOGANO: Charlotte. It’s a city I enjoy living in and do not want to move. If I had to consider moving elsewhere, Nashville might be the closest thing to it.

PENNZOIL: Away from the track, what skill or hobby do you have that might surprise your fans?

LOGANO: Regarding hobbies, I’m pretty good at ping pong and other table games and approach these games with the same competitive spirit that I bring to the track. I typically spend more time focusing on caring for my children and driving skid steers and four-wheelers.

PENNZOIL: Imagine you have access to a time machine for a day. What time in history are you speeding to first?

LOGANO: Probably my wedding day; that was truly a memorable day. Second to that, winning our first NASCAR Cup Series championship in 2018 stands out as another significant highlight.

PENNZOIL: You’re entering your 16th series season and 12th year with Team Penske in 2024. What advice would you give young, aspiring drivers looking to make their mark in the sport?

LOGANO: The key is to ask as many questions as possible and not be afraid to learn. It’s ok to take chances because even though the sport can be challenging and you may not always win, you still have the opportunity to grow as a competitor.

PENNZOIL: How do you hope to influence and shape the future of NASCAR?

LOGANO: I hope to be involved in the sport far beyond my driving career. Serving on the Drivers Advisory Council for several years and participating in the broadcast booth are enjoyable aspects of the job. My goal is to continue contributing to the sport even after hanging up my helmet and give back to the sport that’s given me so much!

TITLE: Pennzoil | So Joey Can

DESCRIPTION: Two-time NASCAR Cup Series Champion Joey Logano knows a thing or two about going after his passions. With 110 years of motor oil technology under our hood, so do we. Pennzoil. Long may we drive.

[In Vision]: Pennzoil logo. Intense music plays. Video footage of Joey Logano walking towards a track.

[Voiceover]: Since 1913, we’ve had one job.

[In Vision]: Video footage of Joey Logano racing around a track.

[Voiceover]: Pioneering a motor oil so advanced, NASCAR Cup Champion Joey Logano can do the very thing six-year old Joey dreamt of.

[In Vision]: Slideshow of images and videos of Joey Logano.

[In Vision]: Pennzoil Platinum Full Synthetic bottle being placed on a table.

[Voiceover]: Pennzoil. Long May we Drive.

[WRITTEN]: Long May We Drive. Since 1913.

PENNZOIL: It’s been a full year of celebrating the love of driving with Pennzoil’s Long May We Drive campaign. What does this campaign mean to you?

LOGANO: Most notably, Long May We Drive signifies cherishing the journey with our families, allowing memories and stories to grow with every mile. For an enthusiast like me who appreciates unique and antique cars, it’s also a desire for those cars to keep driving as long as possible.

PENNZOIL: We’re counting down to the Pennzoil 400 presented by Jiffy Lube – what is fueling your strategy and excitement for the big race?

LOGANO: Typically, Pennzoil attracts a large crowd to the racetrack on race day. Having won the Pennzoil 400 presented by Jiffy Lube with Pennzoil on top of my car and under the hood only adds to my determination for winning the race year in and year out. Celebrating in victory lane with a packed crowd fuels my excitement for the race each year!

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