The relationship between Shell and Enzo Ferrari began in 1929, and the first Ferrari road car to leave the factory in 1947 used Shell lubricant and fuel. The legacy continues as the engine of every Ferrari GT road car leaving the production line in Maranello, Italy – from the 488GTB to the latest innovations from Ferrari – is filled with Pennzoil.

Pennzoil Platinum is the only motor oil used, trusted, and recommended by Scuderia Ferrari1.

Additionally, Pennzoil works closely with Scuderia Ferrari in developing advanced motor oils to meet the grueling demands of Formula 1 (F1) engines on the circuits. Driven by innovation, the relationship between Pennzoil and Scuderia Ferrari is one of the industry’s longest and most successful partnerships in history.

Watch Scuderia Ferrari drivers Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz complete the Pennzoil “Trust or Dare” challenge

1 Ferrari recommends Pennzoil Platinum® Euro 5W-40 and Pennzoil Platinum® Racing 10W-60


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Shell, Pennzoil Power Scuderia Ferrari Performance Gain

Shell V-Power race fuel and Pennzoil motor oil delivered an unparalleled 25% of total performance gain to the SF15-T Formula 1 power unit of Scuderia Ferrari in 2015.

Scuderia Ferrari drivers, Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz Complete Pennzoil’s “Trust or Dare” Challenge

Scuderia Ferrari drivers Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz are in the midst of a very exciting Formula 1 (F1) season