A Jeep wave isn’t a greeting, it’s a nod reserved for those who understand and appreciate the capabilities of the vehicle they pilot. It’s for the captains that take full advantage of the fact that there’s no terrain too rough to slow down their adventures.  For Jeep owners, a mud splattered exterior is a badge of honor. That’s why every Jeep gasoline-engine vehicle that comes out of the assembly line is factory filled with Pennzoil®; and we’re proud to keep the engine running the pristine performer that it is. 

Pennzoil® is the only motor oil recommended by the Jeep® brand in North America.1

1Jeep is a registered trademark of the Chrysler Group, LLC.

2015 Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival Powered by Pennzoil

PENNZOIL Transcript—United States/Performance/Automakers/Jeep


[Title] 2015 Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival powered by Pennzoil


Description: Footage of the Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival and the Jeep drivers who use Pennzoil


[In vision]


Woodland area. Rain drips on leaves. Puddles. A Jeep drives through a muddy spot. Far-off shot of tents and vehicles at Bantam event.


[Background voice on a PA system]


Voice: Welcome to the Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival, celebrating Bantam’s 75th birthday bash in the birthplace of the Jeep.


[Background music] Rocking Country Western sound


[In vision]


Camera pans to show all different types of Jeeps on display at event. They get into formation for a parade, moving through the downtown area.


Male: You can’t beat it. You have all these Jeeps around here. All kind of Jeep people. Kind of people you like.


Female: There’s a lot of camaraderie.


Male: And there’s a family. There’s a brotherhood. Or a sisterhood.


Female: I mean, it’s just insanity.


[PA announcer]


Voice: The Guinness Book of World Records comes right back here with two thousand four hundred and twenty Jeeps in this parade.


Christie, Off-Road Park employee: Usually people roll in on Friday, hit the invasion, do the parade. Saturday and Sunday, they get muddy on the trails.


[In vision]


Jeeps on muddy tracks and road courses.


Male: This event is crazy. We have five on-site trails. We have a huge playground to play on. This is the mother of all events.


Male: The rains made the trails a little tough.


[In vision]


Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival employee helps driver get off a muddy mound.


Male: You have to excuse me. I gotta take care of this guy real quick. Yeah! Go, go, go, go, go! Bang that pedal!


Male: We’re all family. We like to check out everybody’s Jeeps and see what you got and get some ideas.


[Background music] Changes to a fast riff on guitar, with drums


[In vision]


More Jeeps on display.


Male: I will never be without a Jeep.


Male: Yeah, I had it before I could drive. My parents used it until I got my license, and now it’s mine.


Male: Why you want a Jeep? The versatility.


Male: The history of it and how it changed the war.


Male: I like off-roading.


Female: Off-roading.


Male: Off-roading.


Female: Off-roading.


Female: I have to get the Jeep dirty.


Christie: You can also make it your daily driver, because it performs on the street just as good as it performs off-road.


Male: You can get a lot of miles on a Jeep. They just run and run and run, man.


Male: My current Jeep is two hundred and forty thousand miles.


Male: Three hundred and two thousand miles.


Male: Two hundred…three hundred thousand miles…that’s what I’m aiming for.


[In vision]


Pennzoil employees selling cases of Pennzoil to festival attendees.


Male: Pennzoil synthetics, for all the new cars, are awesome.


Interviewer: You run Pennzoil?


Male: Yes, sir! Yeah, that’s the oil of choice.


Male: It is the blood of the motor. Just like in us. It’s what keeps things rollin’. We’ll be out here competing…some days it’s a hundred and ten degrees. We need an oil that can withstand those abuses.


Male: My Jeep doesn’t run hot. Been running Pennzoil since day one. So, no complaints out of me.


Male: The Pennzoil motor oil keeps our pistons clean, keeps our bearings well lubricated. All that helps to keep the performance and ability for this vehicle to do what it needs to do.


Male: I made the switch to Pennzoil about a year ago. I’ve been happy ever since.


Christie: They need to make the switch and go to Pennzoil. It’s worth it.


Female: Definitely make the switch. He knows (pointing to the man next to her as he nods yes).


Male: I’ve always used Pennzoil. No switch needed to make.


Male: It’s two American icons built on performance: the Jeep and Pennzoil.


[In vision]


Young man in a very muddy Jeep.


Interviewer: What are you guys up to?


Male: We’re gonna go find some more mud. Yeah!


[Music fades]


[End card]


[Pennzoil logo]