Fire flame coming out of Tyre

There are two syllables that have become synonymous with air-tight drifts, heart-pounding acceleration, pioneering entrepreneurship and above all else – the passion for flawless performance.

It’s Ken Block – and in 2017, he Made the Switch to Pennzoil.

Block pushes his behind-the-wheel feats to a limit reserved for Hollywood green screens. Watch any entry of his heralded Gymkhana franchise and you’ll immediately understand the immense stress that he puts on his vehicles. Sacrificing any aspect of his performance for the sake of a vehicle is not included in the strategy.

Released in December 2018, Ken Block and Hoonigan Media Machine honored a series milestone in Block's most ambitious, most amazing content piece yet - Gymkhana TEN. This 10th installment takes things to a whole new level with filming in five epic locations around the world and featuring five different, all wheel-drive, high-horsepower race cars – including one all-new build, the Hoonitruck. All protected by Pennzoil Synthetics.

And now, Pennzoil is taking you behind-the-scenes of their sponsored segment in Los Angeles, featuring Ken's 1991 Ford Escort Cosworth.

Ken Block's Climbkhana

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Ken Block's Climbkhana

Ken Block needed complete protection and top engine performance from Pennzoil Synthetics to conquer Pikes Peak. Go behind the scenes of Climbkhana to see why he made the switch to Pennzoil. Powering 1,400HP at 14,000ft.

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