Escape of the Ring Garage

The Nordschleife–the proving grounds for BMW road cars–is as legendary as the car manufacturer itself. Enter the Nürburgring: the racetrack of all racetracks and the Green Hell of all circuits. With a lap finish time of just 7 minutes and 38 seconds, the BMW M4 CS proved the Nüburgring’s 73 treacherous turns and 12.9 miles of steep gradients and elevation changes are no match for the competition sports car.

The BMW M4 CS comes with an inline six-cylinder M twin turbo power engine, pushing up to 460 hp at 442 lb-ft of torque. This adrenaline-enduring machine relies on high-performance oil and complete protection to tame any track that gets in its way. Pennzoil® PurePlus® Technology delivers engine wear protection to push the BMW M4 CS to reach its full potential and hit the 0-60mph mark in under 4 seconds–because when it’s time to face the Nürburgring, top engine performance matters.

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