About Oil Filters

Pennzoil® oil filters perform a crucially important job for your vehicle, scrubbing motor oil of impurities like specks of dirt and metal shavings that can compromise the performance of your engine. These abrasive contaminants can wear down engine bearings, leading to lower oil pressure and engine damage.

About Air Filters

Air filters play a key role in the performance of every vehicle. The cleaner the components in your car remain, the better they will be able to perform their function—resulting in optimal performance. If an air filter becomes too contaminated with dust, dirt, and road grime, it can pass the air intake into the engine itself, resulting in abrasion or corrosion of an engine's components. A Pennzoil® air filter is developed to protect the engine from these contaminants, and to better allow clean air flow to reach the engine, assisting in the combustion process to power the vehicle most efficiently.