Pennzoil Platinum Full Synthetic 75W-90 Axle Oil 1 QT Bottle

Pennzoil Platinum® Axle 75W-90 combines a premium performance gear oil additive package with a high quality synthetic base stock. The result is a gear oil that helps provide excellent low temperature fluidity for lubrication during very low temperature axle and transmission startup, and also helps to maintain a thick protective oil film during extremely hot operating conditions1.

Pennzoil Platinum® Axle 75W-90 is formulated with performance additives necessary for outstanding protection of gears and bearings. It contains extreme pressure agents which protect against shock loading and wear, and also protects against corrosion with special rust inhibitors2. Oxidation inhibitors are included to further enhance this synthetic oil's inherent oxidation stability, resulting in a lubricant with exceptionally long service life and excellent resistance to deposit and sludge formation during high temperature operation.

SAE 75W-90, API GL-5 is the primary service fill rear axle oil for many passenger cars and trucks. SUVs and Trucks in particular may be equipped with limited slip differentials. Pennzoil Platinum® Axle 75W-90 contains sufficient limited slip friction modifier for many applications. Newer applications however may require an additional limited slip friction modifier. Pennzoil Platinum® Axle 75W-90 is fully compatible with additional friction modifiers.

1 SAE J306 viscosity limits for SAE 75W-90 for low temperature viscosity allows a maximum temperature of -40° C for 150,000 cP viscosity with a typical of 90,000 to 120,000 cP for this product. The same viscosity maximum goes to -26° C for SAE 80W and -12° C for SAE 85W. 150,000 cP viscosity is associated with sufficient flow to prevent channeling of gear through oil. High temperature limits for SAE 75W-90 are identical to SAE 80W-90 and SAE 90 providing for similar oil flow and film thickness at elevated temperature (100°C).

2 SAE L-37 and L-42 test data demonstrate passing and excellent (10 rating) wear and shock loading performance of additive system.