Pennzoil Premium Outboard & Multi-Purpose 2 Cycle Engine Oil 4 QT Bottle

Pennzoil® Premium Outboard and Multi-Purpose 2-Cycle Engine Oil is a high-performance engine oil that meets or exceeds the warranty requirements of all leading manufacturers of 2-cycle products including: chain saws, lawn mowers, motorcycles and string trimmers, as well as outboard engines made by: Johnson/Evinrude, Mercury Marine, Yamaha, Suzuki, Nissan, Force/US Marine, Mariner, Sears and other manufacturers.

Pennzoil® Premium Outboard and Multi-Purpose 2-Cycle Engine Oil is formulated to:

  • Protect against piston-scuffing and ring-sticking
  • Help keep spark plugs and exhaust ports clean

Recommended for pre-mix, injector systems and direct injection systems. Good for water-cooled and air-cooled 2-cycle engines. Always follow the dilution ratio and oil performance level recommended in the owner’s manual. For any use where TC-W II®, or TC-W® oil is recommended.