ATV/UTV Premium Plus SAE 10W-40

With advanced technology to protect hot, high-revving 4-stroke engines against wear, Pennzoil® ATV/UTV Premium Plus is the right high-performance full synthetic engine oil to keep your ATV/UTV running smooth in dusty, dirty environments.


Pennzoil® ATV/UTV Premium Plus Engine Oil helps provide…

  • Wet-clutch compatibility 
  • Smooth shifting and consistent clutch feel 
  • Cleaner engines in dusty environments 
  • Protection in extreme temperatures

Pennzoil® ATV/UTV Premium Plus engine oil meets the specifications of most gas-powered ATVs and UTVs.

Suitable for use where API SN and JASO MA2 are recommended.


Pennzoil ATV/UTV Premium Plus 10W-40 Engine Oil - Technical Data Sheet