Pennzoil Snowmobile Premium Plus 2-Stroke

Specially formulated to protect in the harshest of conditions, Pennzoil® Snowmobile Premium Plus Engine Oil will keep your sled performing whether you’re hitting the trails with friends or carving fresh powder in rugged terrain.


Pennzoil® Snowmobile Premium Plus Engine Oil…

  • Helps keep engines clean 
  • Boasts a low-ash formula to help prevent spark plug fouling, ring deposits and combustion chamber deposits 
  • Provides exceptional cold-flow performance 
  • Helps prevent exhaust power valve sticking and piston scuffing

Suitable for use where API TC, JASO FD and ISO-L-EGD are recommended.

Follow manufacturer’s owner’s manual for gas to oil dilution ratio.


Pennzoil Snowmobile Premium Plus 2-Cycle Engine Oil - Technical Data Sheet