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You love watching cars perform. We love making cars perform better.

A lot of people who love cars, love motorsports. We join you in this passion. It is in the world of racing where the most advanced engines are being subjected to the most extreme operating conditions, that we develop and fine-tune the latest advances in motor oil technology. Developing better motor oils for racing cars helps us develop better oils for all cars.

Pennzoil Motorsports news articles

Latest Motorsports News

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NASCAR Sprint Cup Series – Team Penske

Team Penske’s Sprint Cup cars rely on Pennzoil® racing oil exclusively.

Used under license from Penske Racing South, Inc.

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Verizon IndyCar Series – Team Penske

Every Team Penske Chevrolet competing in the Verizon IndyCar Series uses Pennzoil Ultra Platinum 0w-40 racing oil.

Used under license from Penske Racing South, Inc.

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Historic Pennzoil sponsored race car links to Pennzoil motorsports history.

Motorsports History

Since automobile racing’s earliest days, no oil has left its mark on virtually every form of the sport in the way Pennzoil® has.

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Then show it by giving your car the perfect motor oil. See how Pennzoil® is proven to take care of engines.

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The motor oil from natural gas is proven to provide performance. See why people are making the switch.

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Learn all you’ll ever need to know about motor oil to answer any question a customer may have.

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