Your Car Deserves Nothing Less Than Factory Clean.

Your car is more than just a car. It’s part of you. Part of the way you live your life. So show your car how much it means to you. Get all the latest information on how to keep its engine clean and running great. And you and your friend can be together for a long time.

Why Pennzoil?

Why Pennzoil Motor Oil?

Nothing is too good for your car. And if you want your car’s engine to be as close to factory clean as possible, find out why you should use Pennzoil.

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Which Pennzoil Is Right For You?

So you love Pennzoil, but which one is right for your car? Find out about our full line of quality motor oils, check your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendation, then do your car a favor and make the choice that will keep your engine running clean.

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Technology of Clean

The Power of Pennzoil Synthetics

We love cars just as much as you do. Which is why we developed Pennzoil Platinum® Full Synthetic line of motor oils with PurePlus™ Technology, the motor oils that keep pistons cleaner than any other leading synthetic motor oil out there.

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Find Pennzoil locations.

Find Pennzoil Locations

We want to help you find the right Pennzoil® products for your car. So whether you roll up your sleeves and do it yourself, or have someone else work on your car, Pennzoil is close by.

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