About Automatic Transmission Fluids

Automatic transmission fluid, a key part of automatic transmissions, provides lubrication to the internal clutches, gears, and bearings. As a hydraulic fluid, it operates most of the functions in the transmission. In the transmission torque convertor, it transfers power from the engine to the transmission. ATF is also the coolant for the transmission. As the automatic transmission is one of the more costly components to repair in a car or pickup, it's important to maintain the fluid. Meeting the vehicle manufacturer's specifications for the ATF is critical to long-term performance.

Maintain Your Transmission Performance

The transmission operates continuously while a vehicle runs, and is the key component in delivering power from the engine to the wheels. Many fluids have designated service intervals of 60,000 miles or more in modern transmissions, and regular service using the manufacturer-recommended product will keep your transmission performing for these long intervals.